A Reliable Logistics Partner with The Most Advanced Cold Room Facilities in Malaysia

SK Cold Chain Solutions Malaysia

SK Cold Chain specializes in cold chain logistic services.

Our high-tech cold storage warehouse and reefer trucks aim to bring innovative and technological

cold chain logistic outsourcing experience to our valued customers.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Staying true to our roots, we have adopted the world class standard of practices

from our parent company in delivering our services.

Efficiency is the core driving force for our experienced management and also

the core value that we bring to our customers.

Cold Chain Storage

To ensure our customers stay relevant and stand out in the rapidly evolving business environment,

we have integrated the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) in our

cold storage warehouse which increases the speed of storage and retrieval process, 

enabling the goods to be delivered to their respective customers at the fastest pace.warehouse management system

Getting a third party to manage your valuable inventory requires trust that need time to build.

For us, we view transparency, efficiency and confidentiality as the key to building a sustainable and long term partnership with our customers.

As such, we develop trust using our proprietary inventory system

that allows our customers to view and manage their inventory online wherever and whenever they want.

All customers' information will be encrypted and treated confidentially by us. 

What Makes SK Cold Chain Different

Cold chain logistics in Malaysia


  • Automated storage and retrieval process to optimise efficiency and accuracy.
  • Innovative warehouse management system to transfer your products from container/ truck to our warehouse while retaining temperature and quality.
  • Reduce time wastage on getting the right stock by utilizing our technologically advanced facilities.


  • Manage your inventory through our warehouse online system remotely.
  • Transparent warehouse management system for a hassle-free communication process.
  • We tailor our services to meet your respective needs.


  • Personalized customer service manager to work with your company
  • GPS tracking system embedded on our trucks to monitor the delivery process